Kostanai region residents make kumys with ancient recipes

The production of kumys using old technologies of nomads is gaining momentum in Kostanai region. The drink made from mare’s milk has been known for its healing properties since ancient times and does not lose its popularity in modern times. In the village of Kumkeshu, additional ingredients are put into kumys to give it viscosity and a special aroma. Another secret borrowed from the original recipe of ancestors is prolonged whipping of kumys.

“Kumys made in May is especially appreciated. Spring herbs make it the most healthful. There was an increased demand for kumys for the entire season last year due to the pandemic,” said Ramazan Rakhmetov, resident of Kumkeshu Village.

The production volumes of the national drink in Kostanai region are growing. More than a ton of processed mare’s milk is sold daily from private farmsteads in Amangeldy district. People come for the product from neighboring regions.

“We receive orders all the time. On average, we sell 50 liters of kumys every day. The turnover is high,” added Roza Knyazova, another resident of Kumkeshu Village.

The region also develops ethnotourism due to the healing drink, which is produced using the ancient technologies.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova