Kuandyk Tumenbaev. The story «This is Life»

The writer Kuandyk Tumenbayev was born in the village named after Ibrai Zhakayev, Shieli district, Kyzylorda region. In 1977 he graduated from al-Farabi Kazakh National University, and in 1990 - from the Institute of Literature in Moscow. He began his career as a correspondent in the «Leninshil Zhas» newspaper, and later he became the head of the department. He was the editor-in-chief of the Kazakhstan publishing house. Currently he works as a lecturer at the Institute of International Professions. Tumenbayev is a Laureate of the «Alash» State Literary Prize. He is the author of numerous books, such as «Mattock with a Birch Haft», «High-Speed ​​Train», «The Girl Who Waited for the Vacation», «His Koktobe», «Lapwing with a Burnt Wing», «Convicted Dombra», «Bottomless», «Pranksters of our planet». Many of his works have been translated into Arabic, Russian and German.