Kyzylorda region leads the nation in coronavirus vaccinations

Kyzylorda region is a national leader in COVID-19 vaccinations. This region topped the list of the country’s regions in terms of the percentage of the population vaccinated against the dangerous virus. To date, more than half of the residents of the Kyzylorda region have received the first dose of the vaccine. As for Kazakhstan, this figure has already approached 56 percent. In order to achieve herd immunity, more than 60 percent of Kazakh citizens must be vaccinated. However, the opinion of citizens on this regard has been divided. Some believe that it is urgent to get vaccinated to protect themselves and the people around, while others do not trust in the effectiveness of this preventive measure.

“I advise everyone to get a vaccine. It’s effective. It’s important that the loved ones do not get sick. We’ve all gotten vaccinated ourselves,” said one of the residents.

“Although many people received the vaccine, there is still no difference, people get sick anyway,” opined a resident.

“I believe that everyone should get vaccinated, otherwise it won’t be possible to fight the pandemic,” shared another citizen.

Meanwhile, scientists have already proven that full vaccination reduces the risk of COVID-19 infection threefold. And even if the virus enters the body, it will affect the patient in a much lighter form, infectious disease experts believe.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova