Kyzylorda school students develop smart greenhouse prototype

School students in Kyzylorda presented a new development – a prototype of a smart greenhouse. The facility selects mode that the plants need and controls the process of crop growth. All devices metering water, air and soil are powered by solar energy. Hence, the low cost of the final product.

 “Control over their complex vegetative period will be fully automated. As soon as the temperature in the greenhouse or air, soil moisture in it drops sharply, or exceeds the maximum, the system will react immediately. A display will show any deviation from the norms”, said student of Nazarbayev Intellectual School Togzhan Marat.

To date, the first shoots of mint and radish grow in the greenhouse. This is only the beginning, the developers highlighted. They plan to build a full-fledged modular greenhouse in the school yard soon.

“In the future, we plan to build a smart greenhouse made of polycarbonate material. It will provide our dining room with its own fresh fruits and vegetables”, said student of Nazarbayev Intellectual School Zhuldyzai Munaitpassova.

“We want to significantly improve our development. In particular, we plan to increase the functional settings, which allow controlling the greenhouse using ordinary smartphones. Also, we want to develop a device, which will be able to control the level of carbon dioxide”, said Raikhan Tazhi, Biology Teacher at Nazarbayev Intellectual School.