Laria Dzhakambaeva. Qazaq Life: San with Bayan Maksatkyzy

After 12 years of work at the bank, she decided to dedicate her life to fashion.

Lariya Dzhakambayeva - the economist, who had become a designer. Interest towards fashionable clothes grew stronger while she worked at the bank. She received warnings at work for violating the dress code. Yet, she still aimed to become a designer and studied the Italian language in the morning, before leaving for work. So, she entered the Istituto Marangoni in Italy to attend fashion design courses.

Her style reflects her character. Moderate, romantic and soft. At the same time, her collections represent latest trends, bright colors, and clear silhouettes. During the first show in 2008, Lariya won the audience award. Presently, her outfits are popular among customers.