Major cultural events to be held in 2021

According to the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports, anniversary and holiday concerts, major exhibitions, film festivals, commemorative performances and other cultural events will be held in 2021. Most of them will be dedicated to the country’s main event – 30th anniversary of the Independence. The large-scale festivities are planned to be held across the country. Also, this year, conferences, exhibitions and concerts will be held to mark the 175th birth anniversary of a great Kazakh folksinger Zhambyl Zhabayev and other well-known Kazakh figures.

“Given the great success in celebrating Abai’s anniversary year, we plan to mark the anniversary of our great poet Zhambyl Zhabayev on a high level this year. In addition to such distinguished poets, there are more famous cultural, state and public figures, whose birth anniversaries will be marked this year. For example, 100th birth anniversary of a composer Kapan Mussin will take place this year. Birth anniversaries of distinguished musicians such as Sydyk Mukhamedzhanov, Mukan Tulebayev, Latif Khamidi, Akhmet Zhubanov will be marked as well,” said Gani Muratov, spokesperson, Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports.

2021 will be important for the development of Kazakh film industry. It is planned to modernize the country’s main film studio as part of the order by Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. The “Kazakh film” will be provided with the latest equipment and materials. The “Golden Man” will continue to be displayed in the museums of the world. The unique Kazakh project sparked a wide response and interest among the foreign audience.