Many countries including Kazakhstan are fighting for their children’s rights

Kazakhstan celebrates one of the oldest holidays – the International Children’s Day on June 1st every year. The event is celebrated by millions globally. Almost a quarter of the world’s population is under 18 who are considered as children as defined by the United Nations. Issues on children’s rights are still unresolved as most of them continue to suffer from violence and military conflicts; lack of drinking water and rights to education, as well as peer bullying and crime. Many countries including Kazakhstan are fighting for their children’s rights.

The Children’s Rights Movement was introduced globally in the late 1940s to protect children who became the victims of war – millions of them died, the economy collapsed and there were crowds of homeless children living on the streets. The movement was proposed during the convention of Women’s International Democratic Federation in Paris in November 1949. Six months later, Children’s Day was celebrated in 51 countries. The holiday aims to make the world a safer place for those who are too young to protect themselves.

The clock shows that it’s almost 6. End of the working day. Aizhan is an accountant and a volunteer. She goes to the charity foundation straight from the office for a special project. The final preparations are being done. Aizhan and her team will go to the outskirts of the capital city to congratulate their favorite 8-year-old Ali. The whole team became attached to the boy after working with him for 3 years. He’s listed “on their balance sheet”.

“On the balance sheet” is a working term for the volunteers. It means that the child is always under their close attention. Ali and other children like him need medicines and the volunteers make sure that they have a constant supply. They also need clothes and toys. The volunteers are always on the move because these children are like their own children.

Ali is waiting for the volunteers. He learned to trust them since they met 3 years ago. They were the first to rescue him when his mother died. Ali and his mother were hit by a car, and the boy miraculously survived. The volunteers were shocked by his story and they did all they could to help the little boy.

Many children are under the care of the charity foundation. The volunteers always organize birthday parties for the children. They do all they can so that the little ones have a memorable and enjoyable birthday.