Mazhilis approves amendments to draft law on physical culture and sports

Kazakh school students will study the basics of national sports. Students will be able to master sports skills on physical education classes. New amendments to the draft law on physical education and sports were announced by the Minister of Culture and Sports Aktoty Raimkulova during a plenary session of the Mazhilis. According to her, the document was developed in order to maximize the involvement of children and adolescents in sports. With this aim, in five years, the country plans to open more than 300 children and youth sports clubs.

We plan to increase the number of people engaged in physical education and sports among all age categories up to 45 percent. The amendments to the bill provide for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle; organization of work with the population on the development of mass sports at the place of residence; creation of conditions for medical supervision of athletes, said Aktoty Raimkulova, Minister of Culture and Sports.

According to Aktoty Raimkulova, the document will expand the competence of local executive bodies, as well as, promote a healthy lifestyle, increasing the availability of sports infrastructure for Kazakhstan residents. The Minister stressed that the issue of the readiness of sports facilities for people with disabilities was discussed. This aspect, first of all, will be taken into account in the construction of new residential complexes. Today in the country there are 107 children’s youth clubs and 579 sports clubs for children. In order to increase their number in the country, over 10 billion tenge has been allocated from the state budget.