Mazhilis members discuss President Tokayev’s proposals for Kazakhstan’s economic growth

The focus on developing domestic production and supporting domestic producers, noted by Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in his state-of-the-nation address, will enable to bring Kazakhstan’s economy to a new growth trajectory. According to the members of the Mazhilis, a Lower House of Kazakh Parliament, the Head of State has clearly outlined the objective that the manufacturing industry should become the primary component of the country's new economy, with a high value-added cluster serving as its framework. The establishment of new production facilities will ensure economic self-sufficiency. These tasks have been entrusted to the newly formed Ministry of Industry and Construction.

“We are waiting for a list of new production projects from the new minister. Our country has large raw material reserves, human resources, financial institutions, and potential investors, which enables the launch of new plants. According to the Head of State, first of all, our primary focus should be on the development of the manufacturing sector, which is an engine driving the national economy, in order to accelerate its growth dynamics. We must keep this in mind,” said Mukash Iskendirov, Member of the Mazhilis, the Lower House of the Kazakh Parliament.  

Kazakhstan should become a transport and logistics power. The Head of State placed particular emphasis on this objective in his recent state-of-the-nation address. This sector’s share in the country's GDP should amount to at least nine percent. The government has three years to achieve the targets. Overall, the industry is expected to become another driver of the country's economic growth. This requires the renewal of maritime and railway infrastructure and the modernization of land transport.

“President Tokayev highlighted the importance of establishing new ministries, resulting in the creation of the Ministry of Transport and the appointment of its minister. There are many issues and challenges in this sector, and I am confident that the new ministry will effectively address them. It has also taken on several new projects for implementation. Among them is the construction of railway roads, such as the Bakhty-Ayagoz and Darbaza-Maktaaral routes.  I believe that other industry-related matters will be covered as well,” said Mazhilis member Nurtai Sabilyanov.