Melodies of Kazakh steppe performed in Europe

“Dudarai”, “Kusni Korlan” and other famous melodies of the Great Steppe were played in the heart of Paris. Musicians and performers of Kazakh descent from different countries - Austria, Italy, France, Germany and Turkey - performed them on the same stage. The performances were held as part of a small kurultai, which brought together hundreds of Kazakhs living abroad. The event was held with the support of the Otandastar Foundation and the Embassy of Kazakhstan in France.

“The most important thing is to have a connection with your homeland. We were all born in Kazakhstan, and it is the most important thing. If there is an opportunity to perform at a kurultai, a concert that will popularize our Kazakh culture abroad, I am always for it, in the forefront,” said Kudaibergen Abildin, a singer from Germany.

“We want to showcase our music because I think that Kazakh music is very beautiful and can be easily adapted. We tried to arrange it in such a way that it would make nostalgic not only Kazakhs, but also Europeans,” said Aidana Madiyar, a musician from Austria.




Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova