Member of Mazhilis resents long approval of rules for withdrawing pension savings

When will Kazakh citizens be explained the rules for withdrawing their pension savings and what will they be like? Experts of Otbasy Bank and Unified Accumulative Pension Fund – the program’s main participants – do not know themselves how the withdrawal of funds will be implemented for housing or treatment. At a meeting of the Mazhilis held today, a member of the Lower House of the Kazakh Parliament Amanzhan Zhamalov resented the long approval of the rules. The decree was signed by the President, but the rules are still being approved at various offices. The Mazhilisman said that the government receives many complaints from the population every day. Citizens left almost a million comments on the website “Open Regulations” alone.

“761,000 citizens are waiting for these rules. Many have already chosen apartments. Given the President’s instruction and expectations of the country’s citizens, I request to accelerate the adoption of necessary by-laws on the use of a part of pension savings and put them into effect by the end of January 2021,” said Amanzhan Zhamalov, Member of Mazhilis, Lower House of Kazakh Parliament.