Members of European Parliament: EU is keen on enhancing cooperation with Central Asia

The European Union places particular importance on strengthening strategic cooperation with Central Asia and Mongolia. This matter was discussed by politicians at a meeting of the European Parliament delegation in Brussels. Members of the European Parliament highlighted the unique history of the countries' development and emphasized that today the region continues to serve as a vital bridge connecting Europe and Asia.

“It’s a very important and dynamic region, also for Europeans it should be very very close partner region. Because we are seeing everything on the world shifting, geopolitics playing much much bigger role than a couple of years ago. That’s why we need to partner up with different regions in the world. I think it’s a mutual benefit for the Central Asian states and also for the European union. That’s why we need to really enhance our cooperation and partnership in many spheres. Of course, you have like connectivity when it comes to transport, when it comes to investment in the Central Asian states. Also climate change,” Karsten Lucke, member of the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, said.

On his part, Kazakh Ambassador to Belgium, Margulan Baimukhan, briefed European politicians on the Kazakh President’s state-of-the-nation address. He noted that the country is successfully undergoing reforms, and actively digitizing public and banking services. Additionally, he discussed the prospects for the development of Kazakh-European cooperation in the areas of transport, energy, agriculture and critical materials. The meeting was followed by an ethno-cultural exhibition showcasing the cultures of Central Asia and Mongolia, along with the presentation of ancient European maps depicting the Kazakh Khanate.

“This event holds significant importance because, in the European Parliament, we usually focus on political and economic aspects. Today, with the support of all Central Asian and Mongolian embassies, we have decided to organize an exhibition here that showcases the cultural heritage of our region, our common history, traditions, and the craftsmanship of our ancestors. It also highlights our modern nations, and the very name suggests that we are bridging the horizons of our relations with the EU. Additionally, we are showcasing the tourist attractions of Central Asia, and, of course, presenting Kazakhstan,” Baimukhan said.