Monograph ‘Heritage of Saryarka in the Centre of Eurasian Steppes’ presented at National Museum of Kazakhstan

The National Museum of Kazakhstan presented a monograph “Heritage of Saryarka in the Centre of Eurasian Steppes” dedicated to the results of archaeological and ethnographic research by Kazakh scientists and ethnographers. The collection contains scientific data on geoinformation mapping and digital 3D modeling of objects of historical and cultural heritage of Saryarka, as well as materials collected over three years on the toponymy of Akmola region. According to experts, the book contains information about the excavations of the Saba burial ground in terms of architecture, funeral rites, worldview, weapons, culture and household.

“Certain evidence and recommendations were given on restoring historical names to 45 settlements of Akmola region as a result of three years of work. Moreover, five large monuments were studied, research was conducted to show the historical importance of Torgai region. In addition, over 310 musical works have been recorded, including songs, melodies and epics that were not published anywhere,” said Akan Omaruly, Chief of Staff at the Halyk Kazynasy Research Institute of the National Museum of Kazakhstan.