Motivational Event “30 Leaders’ Meetup - Generation of the Independent”

Motivational lectures for young people to mark next year’s 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence were held at one of the main venues of Nur-Sultan – at the Museum of the First President of Kazakhstan. 30 young speakers shared their secrets of success with the meeting participants. Their ideas and projects are aimed at promoting education and self-development in such areas as business, investments, science, technology, art, culture, show business and sports.

“There are musicians, developers, robotics engineers here, and people, who work abroad, but remain loyal to the country. Therefore, I think that in these difficult times, these people still managed to somehow show by their example that it is good to be here, it’s good to create and be grateful. We are the same age as Independence of the country and we present the result of the efforts of older generation. We decided to gather these people in order to inspire the youth and direct their energy and power into important stream”, said Azat Abiken, organizer of the event.