Music album ‘Yer Yedige’ presented in Nur-Sultan

A music album and a printed collection of folk tales dedicated to the 600th anniversary of the legendary epic ‘Yedige Batyr’ were presented in Nur-Sultan. The life and heroic journey of a famous warrior is the common heritage of all Turkic peoples. The album presents the results of the painstaking work of historians, ethnographers, musicologists, art historians, folk singers and poets. It also contains explanations about the eminent narrators of folk tales, as well as the information about more than 40 contemporary performers from all regions of Kazakhstan. To date, a total of 500 copies of the collection in two parts have been released. The first part contains audio CDs with music recordings, and the pages of the second contain the history of each of the works and brief information about the performers. The books are available in Kazakh, Russian and English.

 “The project ‘Yer Yedige - Nogaily Period Song’ is presented in the form of 60-hour records on discs performed by 42 zhyrau singers. We must realize that this is our legacy, which dates back to the most important historical period in the life of our nation. We believe that in the future, these electronic editions will be useful for students studying traditional arts, poetry and zhyrau. I think that this format is more convenient for most users,” said Almas Almatov, the Project Head.