Music producers, Alua Konarova, Ernest Umetaliev, Tyurkan Mamedli

These are three heroes, three different stories. They are all successful people. Each of them has their own method of work, their own style, their own requirements,and preferences.

Ernest Umetaliev has been working in the field of show business of for more than 15 years.

In one of his interviews, he said: “Many people dream of buying a house, a car. but for me it is more important to do what I love! That pleases me, brings joy to others.

Alua Konarova is one of the best and most respected producers in Kazakhstan. she achieved this thanks to the creativity of thinking, determination, talent, hard work and the ability to make the right decisions. She does not hide that in the near future she will present a new singer to the public. So far this will be the only solo project in her production. And it seems that a really pleasant discovery awaits us. After that Alua wants to try herself in the film industry and make a commercial film about Kazakhstan show business.

The name of the producer Tyurkan Mamedli is widely known in Azerbaijan. She has been working in show business for more than 10 years and in her track record there are many stars of the first magnitude. Tyurkan chose the music industry not by chance. And she admitted to our crew that this field is more to her liking