Music theater of young spectator opens in Nur-Sultan

A Music Theater of a Young Spectator opened its doors in Nur-Sultan to mark the Independence Day and the 175th birth anniversary of a great philosopher Abai Kunanbaiuly. The first theatrical season was opened with the drama ‘Abai-Togzhan’ by Mukhtar Auezov, which, as art experts say, differs from other performances about the famous poet. They believe that the classical poet has not been presented in such a form on the Kazakh stage before. The organizers aim to touch the hearts of young people, bring them closer to the cultural and aesthetic world and increase their spiritual values. At the premiere, Director of the theater Askhat Mayemirov stressed that the development of the younger generation is a strategic task, because they are the future of Kazakhstan.

There are the Puppet Theater and ‘Zhastar’ theater in Nur-Sultan. Our work is also aimed at children. It is the first music theater of a young spectator in the country with no analogues. We have our own orchestra. We will show our guests our national heroes through the staging of folk tales, such as ‘Tazsha Bala’, ‘Aldar Kose’, ‘Kunekei Kyz’, ‘Kozhanassyr’. In addition, the repertoire will include the world famous works, such as ‘Cinderella’ and ‘The Golden Key’, said Director of Theater Askhat Mayemirov.

Technically, the theater began its work in October this year. It held a special casting earlier, so now the creative group is already formed and has more than 50 actors.