Musical about Shamshi Kaldayakov

Three distinct images of a famous Kazakh composer Shamshi Kaldayakov came to life on the stage of the capital’s musical theater of the young audience. The play, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence, talks about the unusual life and work of Shamshi Kaldayakov.

“Of course, we began with his homeland, his birth, the formation of his personality. We want our young spectators to sing with us. A live chamber orchestra will be playing. Almost the entire troupe will play on stage and sing. Almost 85 percent of the performance is his songs,” said Askhat Mayemirov, Stage Director, Honored Figure of Kazakhstan.

The troupe had been preparing the musical, written by Madina Omarova, for more than two months, the director even visited Kaldayakov’s homeland in order to convey in more detail the periods of his life. Overall, the composer created around 300 songs, the best of them were performed on stage that day.

“Shamshi is the soul of Kazakh people. His greatness lies in simplicity. People know all of his songs, they’re in their hearts. Each note penetrates the very soul. I believe that these compositions are eternal, because they speak to people,” said Aibolat Zhaudyr, Director, Maxim Gorky State Academic Russian Drama Theatre.

Tickets for the performance were handed out free of charge. Volunteers, those who helped ordinary citizens and doctors during the pandemic, were invited to the premiere. This way, the organizers of the show thanked them.