National diasporas of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan

The «Dervishi» band has been on the professional stage for 20 years. Having appeared in 1999, in a short period of time they managed to win hearts of millions of listeners. And despite the fact that «Dervishi» mainly sing in the Uighur language, their creativity is loved by Kazakhstan citizens. And it is not accidently.

Oleg Amirbekov is an Azerbaijani famous actor and TV host. He is one of those talents who was born and raised in an international family. His parents are famous artists in Azerbaijan who played a major role in the development of the country 's theatre.

East is not just a delicate matter! East has a full voice! Especially when it comes to Camilla, Lylo and Feruza - members of the most popular girls-band «Setora» in Uzbekistan. These beautiful and talented ladies have been on the professional stage for more than 20 years. And it all started during music school. And then few could believe that the idea of three friends to create a band will turn into in the fact that in just a couple of years they will start gathering full stadiums, and then year after year will head all hit parades of Uzbekistan, receive the most prestigious national awards and prizes. 25 videos, 700 concerts, 8 albums, more than 100 songs are all the results of their continuous eight-year work.