National Museum of Kazakhstan opens ‘Tugan Olke’ exhibition

The picturesque and graphic works of the famous Kazakh artist Toleugazy Baigaliyev were presented at the National Museum of Kazakhstan. On the opening day, Kazakh cultural figures, artists and dozens of art lovers visited the exhibition, which will run until mid-March. The exposition displays more than 400 exhibits that the artist finds the best among all of his paintings, the number of which is way bigger. He said that when you are inspired, the work can be completed in a couple of minutes, and sometimes it takes months. He mainly tried to paint landscapes of native lands, national history and culture. Experts in art believe that the exhibition is a must-see not only for adults, but also for generation Z. For visitors, this is a great success, because the works of Toleugazy Baigaliyev can be seen even at the largest exhibition venues in the world, and now in the main museum of the country.

“I created graphics for the first time. When I was in China, I brought ink, brushes, and made a series of 35 small works, portraying nature, evenings, mornings. Black color conveyed these states of nature. They also participate in the international art center. I have many plans ahead, I started working in watercolor,” said Toleugazy Baigaliyev.