Nature reserves in Kazakhstan develop ethnic tourism

Kostanai region develops ethnic tourism. An entire ethnic village was established in the Nauruzum National Reserve that is considered a national treasure of Kazakhstan due to its intact and richest natural ecosystem. Yurts and swings were installed there. A significant increase in the number of coming tourists is expected there due to the created infrastructure.

“The idea was to see these forests, how huge they are. We do not have such forests in Almaty. We only have pines in the mountains, but again not very much. I was very surprised when I came to the Nauruzum Reserve,” said a tourist Rakhim Savurov.

“The routes are the same, but the transport has changed. We also bought bicycles. People who do not like to walk or are afraid of horses can get on a bicycle and ride the first route with a guide. It is a spring of Bokai,” added Dulat Koilibayev, Director of the Naurzum State Nature Reserve.

The Nauruzum Reserve was founded in the first half of the last century. Its main treasure is ancient pine forests, which have preserved their intact appearance since ancient times.

Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova