Nauryz through eyes of Kazakh artists

An exhibition has opened in Kazakhstan’s capital, dedicated to the bright holiday of spring, the revival of nature and the 30th anniversary of Independence. This exposition displays the paintings that depict all the beauties of the Kazakh Steppe. With bright strokes, the artists showed the awakening of the earth after the winter sleep as well as interesting moments of Nauryz celebration: ancient traditions and national games. These paintings seem to warm you with their heat. The exhibition showed the works of members of the capital’s Union of Artists. The art lovers will be able to enjoy the festive exposition for a month both in the online and offline formats.

“Nauryz is probably the most joyful holiday for Kazakhs. It’s not just one day, the nature wakes up, awakens, so does the human body. There are songs, dances and fun. Here you can see the altybakan swings. Look how many days off are there on Nauryz? And that’s great! I have more paintings, a whole series of sketches. They have not yet been embodied in large works. I think that it conveys the mood of Nauryz celebration,” said an artist Dinara Nuger.