New ecoproject of Khabar Agency

New ecoproject of Khabar Agency

Khabar Agency has released a thematic calendar dedicated to environmental issues. The goal is to preserve natural resources and popularize various initiatives in the field of environmental protection. Therefore, each month of the calendar is dedicated to a specific environmental issue. There is another feature - a special QR code in it. With its help, you can get acquainted with all the materials on the theme of ecology of the Khabar Agency. However, this is only the beginning. Currently, new projects related to environmental protection are being prepared.

“Ecological problems are becoming so global and significant for all humanity. And imagine a situation when there will be nothing to drink, nothing to eat, nowhere to go. Then all problems disappear. So think about it. And with our projects, we are also trying to somehow direct people, so that they realize how the problem of ecology is very important for everyone,” opined Yerlan Bekkhozhin, Chairperson, Khabar Agency.

“Sometimes you just have to look at these lovely, cute animals who are ready to give us their love, their tenderness. And remember that all these beauties, glamorous things we get by sacrificing these animals. Because cosmetics are tested on animals, there is no need to talk about fur coats, leather jackets and raincoats. Therefore, let's take care of our nature, let's take care of our beautiful animals because without them there is no life on this earth,” said Maya Bekbayeva, Director, Qazaq TV.



Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova