New riddles of the Issyk mounds

Nothing excites people like ancient, forgotten civilizations. Thousands of enthusiasts, historians and archaeologists are trying to unravel the secrets associated with them. Ancient Maya and Sumerians, Aztecs, inhabitants of Atlantis, Amazons - everyone heard about them, but there is still no consensus why they disappeared.

In Kazakhstan, there was a nation that Homer wrote about, the Persian kings Xerxes and Darius feared them, they were considered to be centaurs and Persians believed that they had magical properties.

The Tribes of the ancient Sakas. What secrets this does civilization keep? What the ancient land can tell about them? Where the city of Issyk now stands, and why this place is now considered sacred? Does Issyk have a secret passage to other worlds? In this episode, find out archeology, history and mystic of Issyk.