New trends in modern labor market discussed in Astana

New trends in the modern labor market were discussed at a special conference held in the Kazakh capital. Representatives of ministries, experts from the World Bank, the UN and other industry organizations touched upon the impact of digital technologies and artificial intelligence on the employment sector. According to them, the contribution of AI to the global economy will amount to over $15.5 trillion in the near future. Kazakhstan is keeping up with the times as innovations are intensively applied in the country’s labor market, foreign analysts note.

“We haven’t carried out an analysis of what professions have more future, but given the megatrends in the world under the digital economy, aging and green transition, it might be obvious that a lot of digital professions will have a future, just as the new professions rising with the green economy will be sure bets, I would say, in the future,” shared Javier Sanchez-Riza, senior economist of the World Bank in the field of social protection in Europe and Central Asia.

Digital solutions can also streamline communications and automate any HR processes, as stated by specialists of the IT company which has created a special tool for managing attendance, work schedules, and even employees’ salaries. The company has been operating in the country’s labor market for five years and is the only developer of that kind of platform using personal biometric data.

“Our application gives transparent data on employee attendance as well as provides a vision of an easy schedule, that is, everything that specifically concerns employees, their schedule, requests, and some days off. It is a special program with a location linkage where everything is visible and transparent. All this is available in a convenient application, there is a web version on a computer, and if you are on a business trip or traveling around the world, you can monitor employees via your phone,” said Kamila Temirova, manager of an HR process automation company.