ADB finances modernization of transport corridors in Kazakhstan

More than US$2 billion - this is exact amount the Asian Development Bank has invested in the modernization of roads in Kazakhstan. A third of it is aimed at improving the road surfaces in Mangystau region. Thus, within the investment project, over 450 kilometers of the road have been built in the region. It cost US$650 million. This is a highway connecting Beineu and Aktau. Now, it is twice as fast to travel from one point to another.

“Before reconstruction and construction, it took about 12 or even 14 hours to reach the destination from Beineu to the port of Aktau, a strategic port of great regional importance. This issue was addressed within the Central Asian Economic Cooperation program. It also allowed expanding and developing the second international corridor. In this regard, we can say that Kazakhstan is starting to benefit significantly in terms of transit and increased cargo flows through this port toward Europe and from Europe toward Asia,” said Nariman Mannapbekov, Country Director of Kazakhstan Resident Mission of the Asian Development Bank.

“Of course, it’s much better than before. For example, a road that before took five hours can now take just two hours. All road safety signs have been installed, all resting places, overpasses are marked,” noted a driver Karasai Tailakov.

Now, the highways in the direction of Manasha-Shetpe, Shetpe-Aktau, Zhetybai-Zhanaozen and roads in Zhanaozen town are assigned the level of the 1st and 2nd categories. The quality of the two-lane and four-lane tracks allows drivers to maintain speed on the highway up to 120 kilometers per hour.

Everyone knows that Mangystau region is rich in oil. But besides this, the region is famous for its livestock breeding. Now vehicles moving at a good average speed are not dangerous for animals, because 11 underground crossings for animals have been built along the new road. This news made the locals, who are engaged in animal breeding, happy.

Modern recreation areas, gas stations and parking lots, service stations have been built along the road. There are also shops and food outlets. In a word, the road has created a multiplier effect and gave a new impetus to the development of entrepreneurship in the region.

“As soon as this road was built, our business began to prosper. There are a lot of people who become our clients, among them there are also foreign tourists,” shared entrepreneur Gulnur Saktaganova.

The improvement of the road played a major role in increasing the number of tourists to the region. Along the international corridor, there are several famous historical and sacred places that are of interest to travelers. Among them is the Beket-ata underground mosque, which attracts a large number of local and foreign pilgrims.


Translation by Saule Mukhamejanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova