Fisheries export in Kazakhstan grows

Fisheries export in Kazakhstan grows

The demand for fish in Shardara district is growing. This year, 2,600 tonnes of fisheries were sold abroad. Today, there are five fish farming factories operating in the region. They make about 4,000 tonnes of products per year. The export volume has already reached 70 percent of the total production.

“We process nine species of fish. We make various products from them, which are then exported to Germany, Russia, Israel and the United States,” said Tanatar Yessenbayev, a technologist.

The fry are brought from Karagandy to be grown in an artificial pond on the territory of the plant. Nearly 350 tonnes of fish are caught here every year. Interest in fish farming in the region is increasing year by year. One of the reasons is substantial support from the state in the form of subsidies to this industry.

“The state provides for a number of benefits for fish producers. For example, loans at low interest rates and assistance in building infrastructure. Those who decided to be engaged in fish farming can also count on similar support,” said Omirbek Rustemov, Head of Entrepreneurship Department, Shardara district.

A land plot will be allocated for fish farmers and producers. The amount of subsidies will also be increased next year. Fish farming factories are planning to bring the annual volume of finished products to 10,000 tonnes.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova