30% of importers order footwear labeling codes in Kazakhstan

30% of importers order footwear labeling codes in Kazakhstan

30 percent of importers ordered footwear labeling codes in Kazakhstan. The National catalogue already has about 190,000 cards for this type of goods. Mandatory digital labeling in the country started less than two months ago, but market players are actively introducing the innovation. Specialists are confident that this will not affect the price.

“A marking code is an alphanumeric sequence that will be presented to everyone as a two-dimensional code, in the form of a Data Matrix, something similar to a QR code. In general, the marking code cannot be forged in any way. It is also impossible to replace it, because cryptographic security standards are used to create the marking code,” said Muhammedkhaidar Seit, Project Manager of the Digital Economy Development Center.

Buyers will be the ones who benefit from this. Now the customers of footwear stores can be sure of the quality of the purchased goods. The marking contains information about the manufacturer, producing country, serial number and even protection from burglary. Experts estimated that almost half of the total volume of the Kazakh footwear market is a counterfeit. Businesspeople were given the opportunity to sell out unmarked shoes before April 1 of next year.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova