All activities of ‘Kazakhstan Khalkyna’ fund will be transparent, Bolat Zhamishev says

All activities of the ‘Kazakhstan Khalkyna’ (For the People of Kazakhstan) fund will be transparent, said its Chairman Bolat Zhamishev. He explained how the fund will be formed, from what finances, and also dispelled the myth that the hidden income of Kazakh citizens would be transferred there.

“I have heard such an opinion that the payers should be those people who are hiding some of the profits, and it is these hidden incomes that should be going into the fund. I think it’s completely wrong. Because no international organization will cooperate with the fund, which is formed from dirty money. Western companies will not be able to work with enterprises that form such a fund. Because you can’t work with companies that are involved in forming a fund that has illegal money,” Zhamishev said.

Translation and Editing by Assem Zhanmukhanova