China, Central Asia intend to expand economic and trade cooperation

Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and China will develop sustainable economic cooperation. The countries intend to cooperate in all areas, including the digital economy, artificial intelligence, smart cities and solving common social problems. It was discussed by the participants of the China-Central Asia Forum. It’s worth noting that this is the first meeting of its kind.

“China will continue to work with Central Asian countries on poverty reduction, COVID-19 vaccination and food safety. We would like to expand contacts with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the World Trade Organization to practice multilateralism,” China’s Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao said.

Representatives of Central Asian countries are also interested in cooperation with China. Their priority areas are green development, finance and infrastructure.

“China is one of Kazakhstan’s most important economic partners. We hope to expand cooperation in energy, transport and cross-border e-commerce,” Roman Sklyar, Kazakh First Deputy Prime Minister, said.

“Over the past few years, we have witnessed China’s rapid development. Kyrgyzstan will strengthen cooperation with China in the digital economy and green development, and will work to improve bilateral relations,” said Kyrgyz Minister of Economy and Commerce Daniyar Amangeldiev.

China established diplomatic relations with the Central Asian states three decades ago. During this time, trade between China and the region has grown by hundreds of times.

Translation and Editing by Assem Zhanmukhanova