Businesspeople in Kazakh tourism industry to receive up to US$35 million subsidies

Businesspeople in Kazakh tourism industry to receive up to US$35 million subsidies

How much money has been allocated for the development of tourism in Kazakhstan, how to attract more travelers to our country, and what kind of support can representatives of the tourism business count on?  Specialists from the relevant department answered these and other questions during the meeting with entrepreneurs.  There are seven measures that have come into force since the beginning of the year.

“All these measures are directly aimed at the development of domestic tourism, inbound tourism, aimed at stimulating our domestic citizens to travel in the country.  That is, sanitary and hygienic units, roadside service facilities, vehicles,” said Aidos Sakenov, Chairperson, Tourism Industry Committee, Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Experts said that new developments have been working since the beginning of the year, but not all businessmen use them, others are completely unaware of the positive changes.  In the meantime, the authorities subsidize the construction and maintenance of sanitary facilities and reimburse part of the costs of businesses, for example, if they purchase buses to transfer tourists. Similarly, the state will support those involved in the construction of tourist facilities: whether it is a large hotel or a small hostel.  Also, for a month now, the Kids Go Free program has been launched in Kazakhstan - that is, a free flight for children across the country when buying a tour package.

“We all know that previous years, there was a decline due to the pandemic.  In this regard, the state is taking new measures to support entrepreneurs.  This year, we will boost the sector jointly with the Tourism Committee, the Kazakh Tourism,” added Yerlan Bekmurzayev, Deputy Mayor of Nur-Sultan.

In order to attract more travelers to Kazakhstan and, as a result, to support the Kazakh tourism industry, the state will allocate up to 15 billion tenge ($35 million).


Translation by Aruzhan Bizhigitova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova