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Astana Hub: women head over 100 IT companies in Kazakhstan

The concepts of information technology and fairer sex are compatible. There are an increasing number of female directors of IT companies in Kazakhstan. Moreover, startups founded by women generate two times more profit, and most importantly, ideas. According to the co-founder of one of the technological projects Alina Abdrakhmanova, women can and even need to stand equally with men in business.

“Every woman has to rely on herself, she must be independent, she must be financially independent. For this, I want to say to girls that you definitely need to study, you need to search for yourself, you need to develop. Young ladies, I also want to say: whether you choose a family or a career, you must always have a source of income, you must always stand firmly on your feet,” Abdrakhmanova said.

A new startup can become such a source of income. This happened with Alina. Together with her team, she launched a project, which is a platform that allows you to broadcast seminars, events and even concerts in 360 degrees.

“The essence of our platform is that such 360 degrees cameras are installed at the stadium. For example, Dimash Kudaibergen’s fans from all over the world can get to his concert using such a helmet. At that moment, they will have the feeling that they are in the stadium and, together with other fans, sing along to his songs,” the startup co-founder noted.

Today, over 600 companies are registered in the country’s main industrial park, and more than a hundred of them are headed by women. These are mainly educational projects.

“These are educational platforms, software, interesting applications on mental arithmetic providing children with education. I would also like to mention an IT Academy which provides full computer training,” added Marya Zhunussova, Senior Manager at the Astana Hub Support Office.

According to the Astana Hub, more and more applications for IT business training come from women. The European Commission calculated that last year the share of women in the field of information and communication technologies in the EU was 17 percent. In Kazakhstan, this figure is still 5 percent.

Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova