Kazakhstan plans to implement approximately 60 investment projects this year

Kazakhstan plans to implement approximately 60 investment projects this year

A plant for the production of organic fertilizers from coal, enterprises for the production of foie gras, as well as wool and yarn - Kazakhstan plans to implement these and many other investment projects. In total, there are 761 facilities in a single pool. Their total estimated value is 24 trillion tenge. According to Kazakh Invest, domestic and foreign investors can also put this money into the construction and launch of production facilities, logistics and business centers, hotels and other real estate. This year it is planned to commission about 60 projects.

“On the instructions of the Head of State, we, together with the Foreign Ministry, with the assistance of sectoral ministries and local authorities, have formed a single pool of investment projects for public monitoring. As for industries, there are projects in the agro-industrial complex, engineering, tourism, transport and logistics, as well as petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. That is, these are almost all priority sectors for our country. They will be implemented in almost all regions of the country and not only in big cities. Some projects will be implemented in small towns or right next to the fields,” said Meirzhan Yussupov, Chairperson of Kazakh Invest.

In 2021, approximately 200 foreign business delegations visited different regions of the country. Investors saw with their own eyes the potential for project development, the existing infrastructure and logistics capabilities.

“We accompany them, help in meetings with mayoral offices and ministries, as well as help in selecting an investment site. We show the area, help with a potential site where they can station their enterprise. That is, we are carrying out a complex work,” Yussupov added.

Overall, 57 projects were implemented in Kazakhstan last year.



Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova and Galiya Khassenkhanova