Fishery progress

Fishery progress

Ten projects for fisheries are planned to be implemented in Zhambyl region. A factory for farming amber and rainbow trout was launched in the village of Sartobe. Nearly 40 tonnes of fish is farmed here. With the expansion of production, the capacity is going to be increased by almost four times.

“I feed them two times a day, at seven in the morning and at six in the evening. We have amber fish, they are very picky. When I catch them, if they stay out of water for a long time, they die. Oxygen is circulating round-the-clock. If the power goes down, we have to watch the fish in case if they lack oxygen,” said Said Farov, a worker.                                                                                                   

The project is aimed at providing the domestic market with fresh fish, reducing imports and developing exports. It is included in the regional Industrialization Map.

“The factory currently needs a fish-drying machine and a smokehouse. An entrepreneur will be able to purchase this equipment with subsidies from the state, which is almost 25 percent. In general, it is planned to make 40 tonnes of products here. We are set to launch ten such enterprises here in Zhambyl region,” said Maden Mussayev, the Governor of Kordai District.

Currently the farm is building an incubator for fry production, as well as rooms for cutting, smoking and freezing fish.