Kazakhstan determines new differentiated digital mining fee rates

New differentiated tariffs for digital miners were determined in Kazakhstan. The progressive scale will be applied from January next year, the State Revenue Committee of the Kazakh Finance Ministry announced. Earlier the tariff for digital currency companies was fixed and single, that is, one tenge per kilowatt-hour. Now the fee will depend on how much electricity the miner uses, the department said. It will be possible to save money, provided, however, that you have controlled power meters. If there is no such device or it is faulty, the fee will be calculated at the rate of 25 tenge per one kilowatt-hour of consumed electricity. Miners will also have to pay at the highest rate even if there is a reason to apply different fee rates simultaneously.

“The higher fee rate will be applied when using cheap electricity. The upper scale of the rate reaches 25 tenge. The minimum pay rate in the amount of one tenge will be applied in case of using expensive electricity, if the cost for one kilowatt-hour is 24 tenge or more. The fee rate will be one tenge per one kilowatt-hour when using renewable energy. Miners will have to pay 10 tenge per one kilowatt-hour when using their own electricity,” Ainur Sartayeva, spokesperson for the State Revenue Committee of the Kazakh Finance Ministry, said.