Kazakh livestock producers export over 20,000 tonnes of meat since start of 2022

Kazakh livestock breeders are expanding markets for their products. They plan to increase supplies to Uzbekistan. At present, the register of the neighboring country includes 19 domestic companies that can export meat and meat products there. Five Kazakh enterprises will export their products to Saudi Arabia, and another nine will ship horse meat to Japan. Overall, since the beginning of the year, Kazakh livestock farmers exported more than 20,000 tonnes of meat and over 600 tonnes of meat products to foreign countries. That’s slightly less than it was before the coronavirus pandemic. During the same period in 2019, domestic producers exported more than 25,000 tonnes of meat and over 2,000 tonnes of meat products. To date, about 400 domestic meat enterprises can sell their products abroad. Stockbreeders of the Turkistan and Zhambyl regions, as well as the northern regions of the country, work most actively with the importers. It bears noting that Kazakh beef, lamb and poultry meat are in the greatest demand in the foreign market.

“Due to the worsening epizootic situation, the Chinese side has suspended the import of some meat products into its country. The Veterinary Service is currently working out all the issues of cooperation and the resumption of exports of meat products to China,” Toleubek Toleubayev, chief specialist at the Committee for Veterinary Control and Supervision of the Kazakh Agriculture Ministry, said.