Kazakhstan and China: new chapter in investment cooperation

More than 30 years have passed since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and China. Over the years, the good-neighborly relations between the two countries, secured by mutually beneficial cooperation, have grown into strong ties of reliable bilateral partnership. At present, China is among the four leading countries investing in Kazakhstan’s economy. China invests in such sectors as transport and infrastructure, trade and construction, as well as manufacturing, agricultural and oil industries. In southern Kazakhstan alone, namely in Shymkent, there are three enterprises operating with the participation of Chinese investments. The plant for the production of ferrosilicon manganese is among them. Its cost is about US$8 million. The plant manufactures products that meet all international standards and exports them to the markets of seven countries.

“We came to Kazakhstan in 2018, and in 2019, we completed the construction of the plant. It has been operating since 2020. In the future, we plan to double our production volumes. It’s more profitable to invest in Kazakhstan rather than in other countries. Firstly, Kazakhstan borders China, therefore it is easy to purchase everything we need. We also like the fact that the Asian market is not far away either,” Fatun Chen, director of the plant, said.

Kazakhstan and China have many promising factors for further expansion of trade and economic ties. These include geographical proximity, favorable investment climate, political stability, tax incentives and transit opportunities of Kazakhstan.