Kazakh IT solutions continue to gain popularity overseas

The products of Kazakhstan`s IT companies are in demand overseas. One of the latest striking examples is the invention of a Smart City gadget and AdTech for the United Arab Emirates. One of the participants of the Export Acceleration program by the QazTrade Center for Trade Policy Development signed the agreement to the comprehensive solution with the country’s representatives.

“In addition to product manufacturers, service providers, mainly in the IT sphere, also become participants of our program. Last year, we had 11 companies participating in the program. This year we’ve expanded the list to 27,” Assel Yegemberdiyeva, Deputy CEO of the ‘QazTrade’ Trade Policy Development Center, said.

The program, which provides full state support for the company, involves all stages from training to contract. It includes strategy development, marketing promotion, securing participation in exhibitions, as well as finding a reliable buyer.

“We also have a whole training program developed for exporters. Last year, we launched the business practice QazTrade academy in an online format, which trained 200 companies last year. This year the companies are also actively engaged in the program. We invite both international and domestic experts. We provide the fundamental knowledge on export and issues related to it, such as what things they need to pay attention to, the possible risks and so on,” added Yegemberdiyeva.

The QazTrade Center for Trade Policy Development is also involved in bringing Kazakh companies to international platforms. Thus, over 200 local enterprises have already received the status of a Gold Supplier on the Alibaba online platform. Over 4,000 domestic goods are placed on this trading platform. QazTrade also actively promotes exporters on the US and Russian marketplaces.