Kazakhstan ramps up sunflower oil exports by 2.5 times

Demand for oilseed products made in Kazakhstan is growing globally. The supply of sunflower oil abroad for the year increased 2.5 times, according to energyprom.kz. Such figures certainly speak for oilseed production rise as well. More than 422,000 tonnes of refined and unrefined vegetable oil have been produced in the country over nine months of this year, which is a quarter more than the year before. The largest volume of production of 181,000 tonnes of oil is accounted for the East Kazakhstan region. The Abai region and Shymkent city also entered the top three manufacturing regions. Experts attribute the increase in exports of domestic products to the geopolitical situation in the world. New directions are now open for Kazakhstan, moreover, it occupies one of the most profitable niches in oilseed production at the moment. This year, that helped entrepreneurs from the East Kazakhstan region to enter the European market for the first time.