Fishing industry development prospects in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan can export up to three million tonnes of fishery products per year to the global market, Kazakh Minister of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources Serikkali Brekeshev stated at the Mazhilis meeting. He noted that 17 domestic enterprises are entitled to export fish products to the EU countries, 14 other companies have applied for a similar authorization. Apart from that, the supply volumes of the domestic products to the Chinese market are also growing. A veterinary certificate has already been agreed with the neighboring country, and 64 Kazakh enterprises were included into China’s register. Overall, a number of legislative amendments related to the introduction of measures to increase product processing and tax preferences for the development of the domestic fishing industry are envisaged in the country.

“The draft law ‘On amendments to the Tax Code’ provides for a 70 percent reduction of the rate of value added tax for entities engaged in fish processing. The bill is currently under review in the Upper House of the Kazakh Parliament. We also plan to introduce subsidies for highly processed fish products that were produced from domestic raw materials. The corresponding bill is also under review by the Government,” Brekeshev said.

In addition, he noted that the relevant Ministry is proposing to ban the export of chilled and frozen fish. This measure will help replenish the production capacity of fish processing plants. Brekeshev also highlighted the conservation work of the natural fish populations, which is carried out by the Ministry. First of all, it includes combat poaching. In particular, it is proposed to toughen the punishment and increase fines from 20 to 50 monthly calculation indexes, and to impose up to 15-day administrative arrest for a repeated violation.