Kazakh government sums up results of 2022 and outlines future priorities

Kazakhstan intends to have 100 percent of national roads and 95 percent of local roads in standard condition, as well as to modernize 52 vehicle checkpoints by 2025. This is stated in the Government’s report on the country's development results. One of the main tasks for the next year is to eliminate import dependency. That goal is to be achieved within the Food Security Plan for 2022-2024. Kazakhstan is also working with Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Georgia for the simultaneous elimination of bottlenecks on the transport routes. The Roadmap was created for this purpose. In addition, the Kazakh government has adopted the Export-Oriented Production Development Program until 2026. A total of 160 projects worth two trillion tenge have been launched this year. Overall, when the enterprises reach their design capacity, the total production output will be about 1.7 trillion tenge, of which export will account for 1.1 trillion tenge. The Government also carried out intensive work to relocate several large foreign companies to Kazakhstan throughout the year. Some concrete results have been achieved regarding 62 of such companies.