Foreign Ministry: Kazakhstan’s FDI inflow up 18%

Foreign investment in Kazakhstan’s economy is growing. In the period from January to September 2022 they increased by 18 percent exceeding US$22 billion. Last year’s indicators for three quarters are comparable with the volume of attracted investments for the entire 2021. The figures were announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There has been an increase in foreign investment in several sectors of the domestic economy, according to the relevant ministry. The manufacturing industry is in first place. US$4.9 billion was directed to that sphere. The growth amounted to nearly 37 percent. The investments in wholesale and retail trade had also risen by more than 32.5 percent to about US$4 billion. The growth in investment inflow in transportation and warehousing exceeded 20 percent while that in mining amounted to almost 12 percent. It bears noting that such countries as the Netherlands, the U.S, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia, South Korea, China and France remain among the top 10 investors in Kazakhstan’s economy.