Kazakh residents to be able to apply for bankruptcy online

The process for bankruptcy application in Kazakhstan will start on March 3, Vice Minister of Finance Yerzhan Birzhanov announced at a Central Communications Service special briefing. According to him, debtors may apply online via the electronic government service eGov.kz and E-salyq Azamat application. The rules of the procedure are published on the Open Legal Acts portal and are available for public discussion until February 8. About one million Kazakh residents with debts to banks have not repaid them over more than 12 months, the Ministry said.

“We have already set up integration with 22 sources of information. We check the compliance with all the criteria. If the decision is positive, the borrower receives approval and gets included in the corresponding register. We approve the application. And if the criteria are not met, we cancel the application,” Birzhanov added.