Astana ranks seventh in Kazakhstan in terms of foreign investment attraction

The annual investment in the fixed asset of the Kazakh capital amounted to about 1.5 trillion tenge. Thus, based on this indicator, Astana ranks seventh out of all other regions of the country. According to Astana Invest, a unified pool of investment projects of the metropolis has been created; it includes 262 projects worth over two trillion tenge. It bears noting that a total of 50 projects are currently operating on the basis of the SEZ ‘Astana-New City’, with 11 of them being export-oriented, the representatives of the municipal investment development center note. It is also worth pointing out that in the first nine months of last year, Astana enterprises exported goods worth 15 billion tenge to Russia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Turkey. The list of the main export commodities includes electric locomotives, locomotives, and workwear.