Computer hardware manufacturing plant set to increase share of Kazakh content to 60%

Petropavl plant is set to increase the share of local content in the production of laptops, tablets and personal computers to 60 percent. Currently, the enterprise is doing the SKD assembly of IT equipment, but also plans to launch the second and third stages of production.

“The second stage is the production of blocks and assemblies directly for the computer equipment. And the third stage is a 70-percent localization of computer hardware production at our enterprise,” said Almat Shakenov, Head of Marketing Department at the Kirov Plant.

Last year alone, the enterprise manufactured 49,000 units of computer equipment. All for the needs of the country’s Education Ministry. Experts say that the computers made in Kazakhstan are no different from the foreign ones. Each product manufactured at the plant is equipped with a licensed operating system from Microsoft Corporation.

“Our product meets the requirement for online work, Internet access, and even exceeds the requirements stated by the Ministry of Education and Science in some ways. The tablet includes a four-core processor with an operational memory of four GB and a total memory of 16 GB. A laptop is with a four-core Celeron processor, eight RAM and 64 shared memory. The stationary computer has a wide range of performances and works for both simple office work tasks and games,” added Azamat Sabyrov, Deputy Head of Marketing Department at the Kirov Plant.

In the near future, the plant management intends to build a new shop for the production of modems and peripheral devices. This, in turn, will increase production capacity to 100,000 units of computer equipment per year.