Kazakh oil service companies to enter markets of Azerbaijan and Russia

Kazakh oil service companies are planning to enter foreign markets. First, they intend to offer cooperation to Russia and Azerbaijan. This was announced by Rashid Zhaksylykov, Chairman of the Presidium of the Association of Oil Service Companies of Kazakhstan, during a briefing on the results of the development of the oilfield service industry over the past year. According to him, for this purpose, negotiations are underway with representatives of Russia and Azerbaijan. The speaker also noted the great demand for domestic specialists abroad, where already about 10,000 Kazakh citizens work.

“There is a great demand for qualified Kazakh personnel on the part of Russian mining companies. Foreign rates and contracts are more expensive than our, Kazakh ones. We ourselves go to other countries through investors that are present in Kazakhstan and try to export. We succeed. Today, around 10,000 Kazakh citizens are working in foreign projects,” said Rashid Zhaksylykov, Chairperson of Presidium, Kazakh Association of Oil Service Companies.

According to experts, active negotiations are underway with four large customer companies from Russia. Kazakhstan has already shown interest in five priority projects, which may involve a number of Kazakh oilfield service companies.