Improving quality of Kazakhstan-made products by upgrading standards

Kazakhstan is improving state standards. The revised law “On technical regulation” will come into force in the country on July 1. This will improve the quality of domestic products and strengthen the fight against the “gray” and “black” certification. This year, experts are set to introduce a register of hazardous products by analogy with the European system. In addition, the innovations will also include the use of an electronic government control system and the launch of an online store of standards. Deputy General Director of the National Center of Accreditation Kainar Taizhanov reported this at a briefing. He said what other changes await Kazakh entrepreneurs. The experts developed 52 normative legal acts, he noted. They relate to the line of state control, technical regulation, metrology and other equally important issues. As a result, this will allow businesspeople to reduce costs in the production of goods. Their products will also pass certification more quickly.

“To date, all state standards are implemented free of charge on Kazakhstan’s territory. The development of digitalization planning and analysis of standards. These changes of processes will allow manufacturers and the business community to integrate more, precisely during the development of standards, and to defend their interests even at the stage of development and implementation of these standards. Overall, all these types of work require the direct participation of both entrepreneurs and manufacturers, that is why I would like to call on all social activists, industry associations to closer cooperation,” said Kainar Taizhanov, deputy General Director, National Center of Accreditation.