Kazakh entrepreneurs to trade on Amazon

Kazakhstan enterprises enter international markets. Kazakh Ministry of Trade and Integration held talks with representatives of the world’s largest e-commerce platform Amazon. And Kazakhstan was included in the list of countries that can trade on this website. Small and medium-sized businesses have already registered and started offering their products. At the same time, they will receive payment directly through Kazakh banks. For large industrial enterprises, the opportunities are wider – they will be able to participate in tenders from other states. Today about two million small and medium enterprises are registered on Amazon in more than 200 countries. Last year alone, the platform generated more than US$386 billion in sales.

“The Amazon business is very actively trading in Europe right now. It has proven itself very well in North American countries. Of course, this is a big market for us and all Kazakh enterprises. This is a good window into new markets. For the state, it is export earnings in foreign currency. It is always very good,” said Maxim Yugai, Director General of a high strength cable duct manufacturing plant.

Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova