Industrial development of Nur-Sultan

Fragrances made in Nur-Sultan. A perfume factory will be launched in the capital of Kazakhstan. Azerbaijan is investing in its construction that has already started on the territory of the industrial park. By the end of the year, nearly 10 new enterprises will open in the special economic zone. This will significantly expand the range of products. A total of about 30 new enterprises will be put into operation in the next three years.

“52 enterprises are operating in our SEZ. Several large investments projects are currently being implemented. The city will ensure the execution of the address of the head of state on increasing manufacturing industry by 1.5 times in five years. Last year, we managed to launch several large projects: a plant for the modular-block production, a plant for the production of plastic pipes, a plant for the production of tower cranes and others,” said Bakytzhan Doskaziyev, CEO, Astana Technopolis.

The range of manufactured products in the industrial park is quite large. It includes the production of trains, military armored vehicles, tower cranes, elevators, building materials, furniture, textiles and mineral fertilizers. And this is only a small part. The total value of investments in industrial projects amounts to about 180 billion tenge (US$421.5 million).

“Investors from various countries work in our industrial park, including France, the United States, Russia, Turkey. Just recently, with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Turkey, a Turkish investor was attracted to implement a project in that region. This is a project for the production of respiratory masks for industrial enterprises,” said Bakytzhan Doskaziyev, CEO, Astana Technopolis.

A significant part of the manufactured products is sent to foreign markets. Capital goods are in great demand and are popular in Russia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. For example, last year the volume of exports amounted to 28 billion tenge (US$65.5 million). This year it is planned to increase this indicator by 30 percent.