Kazakhstan identifies 80 barriers to business development

More than 80 barriers to business development have been identified in Kazakhstan. Councils continue to work in 17 regions of the country, and their experts had already taken measures on 13 of those violations. The main barrier is the lack of access to key attributes. In other words, it is the inability to use the infrastructure or facility, without which entrepreneurs simply cannot provide their services to consumers, which prevents free competition.

“To date, high concentration in key commodity markets and high level of government participation in the economy are the main obstacles to the development of a competitive economy. At the same time, there are three main regulatory barriers to the promotion of competition. These are the lack of access to key attributes, price distortion, and selective patronage or favouritism,” said Serik Zhumangarin, Chairperson of Kazakh Agency for Protection and Development of Competition.

According to industry experts, they will continue to remove obstacles hindering the development of honest business. The main task today is to introduce new working principles. It is they who can change the business situation in the country by 180 degrees, experts assure.

Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova